• Eduard Crauciuc
  • Diana Popovici
  • Alia Sindilar
  • Ovidiu Toma
  • Dragos Crauciuc
Keywords: menopause, estrogens, hormone therapy


Abstract. Through all the immediate and long-term consequences of estrogenic deprivation, menopause is an important public health issue with social, personal and economic impact. If immediate menopausal symptoms are sometimes noisy, the long-term, insidious consequences, especially cardiovascular and bone, are of major importance. In order to eliminate troublesome symptoms and prevent long-term consequences in order to provide a good quality of life for menopausal women, it is nowadays unanimously recognized that hormonal therapy is necessary in the context of adhering to recognized indications and contraindications, also rigourosly following the effects of therapy.


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Crauciuc, E., Popovici, D., Sindilar, A., Toma, O., & Crauciuc, D. (2018). THE EFFECTS OF HORMONAL THERAPY IN MENOPAUSE. Journal of Experimental and Molecular Biology, 19(2), 31-41. Retrieved from

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